Students joining PSG Polytechnic College are directly enrolled as member of library during the study period. The following is the book borrowing eligibility of the students.

Book Borrowing Eligibility:
Diploma Students - 6
Teaching Staff - 9
Non – Teaching Staff - 3

Issue Details:
Lending books are issued for 15 days.
One reference books will be issued for two days.
Only one CD at a time will be allowed.
During semester vacation students can borrow two books for the entire vacation period.


            Faculty are eligible to borrow 9 books on lending of which 4 books can be retained for 90 days. The remaining books can be retained for 15 days.

Non - teaching staffs

            All non teaching staffs are eligible to borrow 3 books and retain them for 15 days.


            Alumnus are permitted only for reference on production of Alumnus ID card.


           Outside visitors from academic institution will be permitted on production of valid ID card and the request from head of institution. They will be allowed to use the library only from Monday - Friday. They have to contact Librarian.