The Library came into being with the establishment of PSG Polytechnic in the year 1939 and further expanded with the genesis of PSG College of Technology in the year 1956.

        With the recurring grants from the Government, Generous Management contribution and by the special interest taken by Dr.G.R.Damodaran, the Library is built up and is being equipped steadily and systematically.

        Various Developmental Stages of the Library

Period Area             Capacity Size
1926 - 1939 PSG Industrial Institute Single Room                                              850 sqft
1939 - 1951 "C" Block 2 Rooms                                              1,500 sqft
1951 - 1984 "A" Block 2 Halls                                              8,000 sqft
2004 Onwards Library Block 4 Floors                                              51,240 sqft
3rd December, 2014 Onwards* "I" Block 4th Floor                                              5,084 sq.ft (Added)

The separate library has been created for PSG Polytechnic College in I Block 4th Floor on 3rd December, 2014 onwards.

The library currently holds resources nearly to 62 thousand.