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Library has good & rare collection of books, journals and magazines for students and staff members. Presently, above 43 thousand of books, 69 national journals and magazines and CDs / DVDs and back issues of journals are having in the library. The library is automated having an online portal that can be easily accessed by the users. The library implemented PSG-ILMS which is an integrated Library Management System that supports all housekeeping operations of the library. In the digital library having 21 computers with highband speed internet connection for their academic purpose of library user’s. The library system and staff is meticulously focused for providing comfortable, user friendly environment so as to enables learning and knowledge creation.


    The Library envisions that it continue to fulfills its unique role as a major contributor to the academic development of the student community to enhance the scholarly pursuit of knowledge and skill, to foster intellectual curiosity, and to promote life-long learning.


  • To acquire and maintain adequate information resources.
  • To effectively retrieve the developments in the application of engineering and technology.
  • To provide state-of-the-art technology for the users to support life-long learning.

New arrivals

Interchange: students book - 2

Acc.No 213730

Author Jack c richards

Call No 415 R2 RIC

Design for manufacturability

Acc.No 213763

Author Artur balasinski

Call No 670 R0 BAL

Big data and analytics

Acc.No 213698

Author Seema acharya, subhashini chellappan

Call No 005.8 R3 ACH

Alternative fuels: concepts technologies and developments

Acc.No 213689

Author Thipse s s

Call No 621.182 Q5 THI

Arduino projects for engineers: a multipurpose book for all engineering branches

Acc.No 213681

Author Neerparaj rai

Call No 005.133 Q6 RAI

It skills

Acc.No 213679

Author Sunanda

Call No 005.8 R3 SUN

Cloud computing

Acc.No 213661

Author Kashinath bedare

Call No 004.36 Q9 BED

Traditional indian handcrafted textiles history techniques processes designs: woven textiles - vol 2

Acc.No 213637

Author Anjali karolia

Call No 677 Q9 KAR

Fashionpedia: the visual dictionary of fashion design

Acc.No 213635

Author Fashionary

Call No 746.92 R1 FAS

Rapid prototyping: 3d printing and additive manufacturing principles and applications

Acc.No 213515

Author Chee kai chua, kah fai leong

Call No 686 R2 CHU

Additive manufacturing: principles technologies and applications

Acc.No 213514

Author Paul c p, jinoop a n

Call No 670 R1 PA

Lean production simplified

Acc.No 213510

Author Pascal dennis

Call No 658.5 R0 DEN

Fuzzy Mathematics

Acc.No 213510

Author Ponraj R, Muthulakshmi C

Call No 510 R3 PON

Digital Fashion Innovations

Acc.No 213236

Author Abu sadat Muhammd sayem

Call No 746.92 R3 SAY

Flexible Wearable and Strtchable Electronics

Acc.No: 213234

Author: Katsuyuki Sakuma

Call No: 621.381 R1 SAK

Medical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Acc.No: 213227


Call No: 006.3 R4 AGA