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Department of Textile Technology, PSG Polytechnic College has its origin as LTM during 1944. After few years it was revived as Diploma in Textile Technology in the year 1977 and in the same year PSG Polytechnic College had its autonomy. The sandwich programme in this field was stared during the year 1983. The course was planned with the main objective as to equip the students mainly to handle shop floor management as supervisors and to solve day to day technical problems in Textile Mills. The curriculum imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students in core areas like Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Chemical Processing, Garment Manufacturing, Textile Testing and Textile CAD. Apart from their theoretical input, the students will undergo weekly industrial visits and six weeks advanced industrial training during their vacation period. This will facilitate them to get exposed to practical working in textile industry. During their final year of this programme, students will carry out a project work related to problem solving in Textile industry.


The mission of the Department of Textile Technology is to develop the technical competency among students in the field of spinning, weaving, processing and garment technology.

  • Giving exposure to technological developments

  • Undertaking industrial projects and giving opportunities to work on such project and developing potential interest as an entrepreneur
  • Vision

    In order to meet global competition and survival in the industry, efforts are being taken up for introduction of new subjects, new programmes like special lectures & seminars and development of infrastructure facilities.


    Course Structure

    • bookSemester 1
      Theory Practicals
      Engineering Mathematics Physics Laboratory
      Analytical Geometry and Calculus Chemistry Laboratory I
      Physics Fitting, Sheet metal & Wiring Workshop
      Chemistry Inplant Training
      English Physical Education I
    • bookSemester 2
      Theory Practicals
      Algebra and Calculus Applied Physics Laboratory
      Applied Mathematics Chemistry Laboratory II
      Applied Physics Basics of Computing And Informatics
      Chemistry of Engineering Materials Internship
      Communication Skills Physical Education II
    • bookSemester 3
      Theory Practicals
      Basic Engineering Graphics Fibre Analysis Laboratory
      Fibre science and Technology Spining Technology I
      Spining Technology 1 Weaving Technology Laboratory
      Weaving Technology 1 Textile Testing Laboratory I
      Technical Communication Laboratory
    • bookSemester 4
      Theory Practicals
      Spining Technology II Spining Technology Laboratory II
      Weaving Technology II Weaving Technology Laboratory II
      Textile Chemical Processing Textile Chemical Processing Laboratory I
      Textile Testing Textile Testing Laboratory II
      Shuttleless Weaving Laboratory
    • bookSemester 5
      Theory Practicals
      Knitting Technology Knitting Laboratory
      Fabric Structure Woven Fabric Analysis Laboratory
      Elective Theory I Textile Chemical Processing Laoratory
      Elective Practical I
      Mini Project And Entrepreneurship
    • bookSemester 6
      Theory Practicals
      Process and Quality Control Garment Manfacturing Laboratory
      Basics of Garment Manufacturing Technology Textile CAD Laboraatory
      Elective Theory II Knited Fabric Analysis Laboratory
      Elective Practical II
      Project Work and Viva Voce



      The Textile Testing Laboratory is equipped with the entire range of testing equipments which include sophisticated instruments like microprocessor based Twist Tester and Electronic Evenness Tester with Spectrogram. It also possesses Electronic lea Strength Tester to determine the tensile characteristics of yarn.

    • desktop_macWEAVING LABORATORY

      The Department has a modern weaving laboratory with the state-of-art weaving machines like Airjet Loom, Rapier Loom with Electronics Dobby & Rapier Loom with Electronic Jacquard.

    • desktop_macSPINNING LABORATORY

      The Spinning Laboratory is bestowed with complete range of machinery, which includes the carding, speed frame, ring frame, comber and cone winding


      The knitting laboratory is equipped with all essential machines like, high speed circular test knitting machine, flat-bed knitting machine, sinker body circular knitting machine, interlock circular knitting machine, socks knitting machine and hand knitting machine.


    Program Chief Guest
    Guidelines to undergone internship Dr. R.Rajagopalan
    Former HoD
    Textile Department,Textile Consultant
    Current scenario in textile and weaving industry Dr. R.Rajagopalan
    Former HoD
    Textile Department,Textile Consultant
    Latest Development in Spinning Mr.N.Venkatraman
    Dgm (Sales)Senior Manager
    ATE Enterprises (P) LtdCoimbatore
    Humidification systems in textile industry Dr. R.Rajagopalan
    Former HoD
    Textile Department,Textile Consultant Coumbatore
    Current Scenario in Textile Mr.A.Kanthimathinathan
    Managing Director
    WINSYS SMC, Coimbatore
    Fashion Designing Mr.V.Sudhagar
    Centre Manager
    Dream Zone School of Creative Studies, Coimbatoree
    Duties and Responsibilities of a Supervisor Prof.R.Rajagopalanr
    Textile Consultant / Chartered Textile Enginnering
    Chartered Textile Enginnering,Coimbatore
    1.TIFAC - Department of Science and Technology (DST) sponsored Rs. Three lakhs for the workshop on “Productivity improvement through IE techniques for Apparel Industries” which was organized on 17th and 18th September 2014 at Netaji Apparel Park, New Tirupur
    2. TIFAC - Department of Science and Technology (DST) sponsored Rs. Three lakhs for the workshop on “Supply Chain Management for Apparel Industry” which was organized on 8th and 9th January 2015 at Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA), Tirupur
  • Sree Narasimha Textiles, Sulur, Coimbatore had signed MOU with PSGPTC on 30th August, 2013 for five years
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