About Us

The Department of Computer Networking was started in the year 1998 and accredited by NBA in the year 2011.This Department offers 3 years Diploma Programme in Computer Networking. The Department is well equipped with separate Computer Hardware, Computer Networking and Wireless Networks Laboratories with experienced faculty members. Text books, References and Journals are present in the department library for the reference of students and faculty members. The department organizes various continuing education Programmes for students and Industrialists.


The Mission of the department is to facilitate young diploma engineers to acquire technical exposure in the area of computer networking to administrate, to manage the latest techniques in the field of computer networking and also to hone their skills to compete in the global market pace.


The Department aspires to be a frontier in the area of Computer Networking and be recognized as a leading source of sculpting most promising Network Professionals and Entrepreneurs for Industries and Society.


Course Structure

  • bookSemester 1
    Theory Practicals
    Engineering Mathematics Physics Laboratory
    Analytical Geometry and Calculus Chemistry Laboratory I
    Physics Electronics and Computer Workshop
    Chemistry Inplant Training
    English Physical Education I
  • bookSemester 2
    Theory Practicals
    Algebra and Calculus Applied Physics Laboratory
    Applied Mathematics Chemistry Laboratory II
    Applied Physics Basics of Computing And Informatics
    Chemistry of Engineering Materials Internship
    Communication Skills Physical Education II
  • bookSemester 3
    Theory Practicals
    Basic Engineering Graphics Problem Solving Using C Laboratory
    Problem Solving Using C Data Communication and Networks Laboratory
    Data Communication and Networks PC Hardware and troubleshooting Laboratory
    Electronics Engineering Electronics Engineering Laboratory
    - Technical Communication Laboratory
  • bookSemester 4
    Theory Practicals
    Data Structures Data Structures Laboratory
    TCP/IP Networking TCP/IP Networking Laboratory
    Microprocessor programming and applications Microprocessor programming and applications Laboratory
    Object oriented Programming Object oriented Programming Laboratory
    Multimedia Laboratory
  • bookSemester 5
    Theory Practicals
    Network Administration Network Administration Laboratory
    Wide Area Networks Wide Area Networks Laboratory
    Elective Theory- I Internet Programming Laboratory
    Elective Practical- I
    Mini Project and entrepreneurship
  • bookSemester 6
    Theory Practicals
    Wireless Networks Wireless Networks Laboratory
    Network Security Network Security Laboratory
    Elective Theory II Router Administration Laboratory
    Elective Practical II
    Project Work and Viva Voce



    This laboratory provides the students hands-on experience on Installing and configuring networks, Network operating systems and is highly equipped with modernized equipments funded through MODROBS with network devices like Firewall and Router. This enhancement helps in imparting latest practical skills for students in the areas of Network Security, Installing NOS and Integration of different network topologies by adding high end products of Cisco and Microsoft.


    The main focus of this lab is to provide the students hands on experience in the areas of Electronics and Computer Hardware. In electronics, the students learn the assembling of electronic components and fabrication of Printed circuit Boards. In the area of computer, the students learn assembling and disassembling of PCs, configuring basic Operating systems, Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting.uit Boards


    This lab is equipped to cater to the needs of students to execute experiments on wireless networks. The Laboratories provide facilities for the students to acquire more knowledge on wireless devices to understand different technologies involved in wireless communication. The laboratory can also be used for air protocols like GSM, CDMA etc. wireless LAN, Bluetooth, client side and network side Wireless Equipments.


Program Chief Guest
Inaugural Guest Lecture on Recent trends in IT Mr.U.N Murali Krishna
Skava (An Infosys Company
Guest Lecture and Workshop on Project Management with MYSQL and PHP Ms.M.Sugapriya and Ms.G.Nithya
Be Positive Technologies
Workshop on Mobile Application Development Mr.M.Dinesh Kumar
Innivers Technologies Private Limited
National IT Professionals Day Mr.Sanarthanan Muralidharan, Ugam Solutions
Mr. Ramesh Kalyan, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Ms.Vijayalakshmi Subramanian ,Payoda technologies