About Us

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1939 and it actively supports the Engineering departments by handling Chemistry subject for all diploma courses. The faculty of Department is actively involved in teaching,consultancy work and research. The students are given training in analytical methods and are taught about the need and application of engineering materials . The main focus on laboratory training is to inculate a sense of discipline.Depending on the need on the need the studets od the diploma in Foundry Technology are given a specialize training in metallurgical analysis supported by a sound theoretical background. Further the department extends facilities and guidance to final year diploma students who take up interdisciplinary and industry oriented projects.


The mission of department of Chemistry is to develop the students in the application and use of Chemical science in Engineering by imparting the knowledge on:

  • The Basic chemistry and chemistry reactions.
  • Interpretation to specific behavior of different Engineering materials
  • Practical applications of chemistry in selection and use of materials for different Engineering requirements
  • Vision

  • To be a forerunner to equip the students with the findamental knowledge on Chemical Science to understand the mechanical, chemical and metallugical properties of Engineering Materials
  • Faculty

    Course Structure

    • bookSemester 1
      Theory Practicals
      Chemistry Chemistry Laboratory-I
    • bookSemester 2
      Theory Practicals
      Chemistry of Engineering Materials Chemistry Laboratory-II


    • select_allChemistry Laboratory

      The Chemistry Lab is a total area of 1860 sq-ft and can easily accommodate 40 students at a time.Its has seperate labs with all facilities to conduct physical,analytical and inorganic experiments for various diploma courses.The lab has a network of LPG gas pipeline for heating purposes.It has a continuous water supple of both salt water and de-ionized water.Seperate fume cupboard and exhaust fans are available to remove ant toxic gases.There is a seperate storeoom to stock all chemicals and glass wares.There is a preparation room to prepare reagents and stock solutions and the basic infrastructure of the laboratory supports academic, research as well as consultancy services for industries.